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What are the functions of a real estate agent?

What are the functions of a real estate agent? What do they do and what do they do? In each sector it is necessary to have professionals who know how to do their job well and fulfill their responsibilities. In the case of the real estate world, the main actors, in addition to owners and […]

When buying a home

Buying a house is an important decision, which is not taken lightly. The price is still a determining factor when deciding to buy a home. This is the main conclusion of a study conducted by our real estate.   The study divides buyers into two profiles, those who first acquired a home and those who […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

Our entire company joins to say thank you and wish you a happy holiday and a new year full of health, happiness and prosperity.


  If what you want is a house fully equipped to your liking, talk to us. The real estate agency PARASOL NETWORKS offers you the possibility of carrying out a personalized renovation and decoration studio.                                                                         The work we carry out in […]

How and when to sell your home

Second-hand housing transactions are more operations in the city. Owning a home is almost like having a treasure. However, trying to sell it can become a tortuous path. Finding a buyer can be a process that lasts for months or years, until it becomes a problem for your health, due to the fatigue and stress […]