¿Cuáles son las funciones de un agente inmobiliario?

 ¿Cuáles son las funciones de un agente inmobiliario?, ¿a qué se dedican y qué hacen? En cada sector es necesario contar con profesionales que sepan hacer bien su trabajo y cumplir con sus responsabilidades. En el caso del mundo inmobiliario los actores principales, además de los dueños y los inmuebles, son los agentes inmobiliarios.   Qué es […]

When buying a home

Buying a house is an important decision, which is not taken lightly. The price is still a determining factor when deciding to buy a home. This is the main conclusion of a study conducted by our real estate.   The study divides buyers into two profiles, those who first acquired a home and those who […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

Our entire company joins to say thank you and wish you a happy holiday and a new year full of health, happiness and prosperity.


  If what you want is a house fully equipped to your liking, talk to us. The real estate agency PARASOL NETWORKS offers you the possibility of carrying out a personalized renovation and decoration studio.                                                                         The work we carry out in […]

How and when to sell your home

Second-hand housing transactions are more operations in the city. Owning a home is almost like having a treasure. However, trying to sell it can become a tortuous path. Finding a buyer can be a process that lasts for months or years, until it becomes a problem for your health, due to the fatigue and stress […]

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