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What rent can I afford: calculate your maximum

Many people, especially young people, choose to rent a home instead of buying. Predictable expenses, savings in taxes and maintenance, as well as job instability and mobility are factors that tip the balance. But once the decision is made, the…

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When buying a home

Buying a house is an important decision, which is not taken lightly. The price is still a determining factor when deciding to buy a home. This is the main conclusion of a study conducted by our real estate.   The…

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  If what you want is a house fully equipped to your liking, talk to us. The real estate agency PARASOL NETWORKS offers you the possibility of carrying out a personalized renovation and decoration studio.                                                   …

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How and when to sell your home

Second-hand housing transactions are more operations in the city. Owning a home is almost like having a treasure. However, trying to sell it can become a tortuous path. Finding a buyer can be a process that lasts for months or…

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