Currency exchange

Currency exchange

Since 2005, we have helped many people to transfer money abroad through the company Currencies Direct.

What is Currencies Direct?

A company that transfers money around the world quickly, easily and safely.

What can Currencies Direct do for you?

Get the best possible exchange rate.


They help to change from euro to currency or from currency to euro. They are not a bank; they can offer you a much better rate for your money.

Once Parasol Networks has sold your property, you may need to send your euros outside of Spain into another currency (other than euro currency). Plan ahead and speak with Currencies Direct now about how they can assist you in this process.

Currencies Direct has a unique agreement with Caixa Bank. In simple terms, your euros can be transferred with no bank charges and no need to open a new bank account with Caixa Bank.

Send us an email; we will be happy to help you.