Chalet for sale in Denia-Ref: 1846

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Chalet for sale in Denia-Ref: 1846

Property ID : PNVL1846

Sale 885.000€ - Villa
295 m2 1200 m2 2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
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Beautiful and bright newly built villa in one of the best areas of Denia. The 1,200m2-staggered plot has a garden and a constructed area of 295m2 on two floors, modern in style, central heating and with top quality materials.

The ground floor has a large living room with a gas fireplace and an open kitchen that accesses the terraces with a salt pool (3×9) and sea views, a complete bathroom, a laundry room and a toilet.

On the upper floor, there are two bedrooms (one with a dressing room and a suite with a Jacuzzi and the other with a bathroom), both have access to the terrace with great views.

As far as the exterior we see a garage with the capacity for several vehicles, we also see the space for barbecue, and several sunny terraces that surround the property.

The distance to the beach is 4km and from the city is 2km.

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